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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: Jul 25, 2014 11:08am
Forum: movies Subject: A Round of Applesauce to Mr Jeff - Thank You Truly

Hey Mr. Cranky,

Gads - What a difference a day makes. I logged in to the Moving Image archive and FIFTY PAGES later was STILL seeing nothin but the Blaze. Looking at a coupla date places and they ALL seem to have been uploaded within the previous 48 hours. At 50 items per page that was 2,500 uploads. And still more coming - - - crowding out everyone else. Of course I spoke up in the forum figgering to at least let SOME buddy know about this spew of ..... stuff. Tweakers was bad but THIS - - - - Wow! I even repeated the message at .... "Damn the Bit Bucket - Full spout ahead ! "

Wow... I logged off and later returned to find at least a LITTLE variety in the contributions... at least Blaze hadn't totally overloaded the IA. Maybe I had been somehow shifted over to the Blaze Dumping ground before and now had found the Moving Image Area as intended. Still, Soooooo much from Blaze AND Tweakers AND Watch _ _ _ _ _ Online Free Viooz crowding out everyone else.

Went to the forums and as usual as I let 'My Fingers Do The Walking ' musta hit ANOTHER rong key and wiped out the entire message A-gin. So I composed in MS Word, copied it, an' pasted in the message box.

Today I logged on - - - - An' whattya know.... they're gone.... or they are suddenly elsewhere. Where'd they go? I looked up 'Blaze" in the search window to see just how many uploads there were an' guess what? Search engine didn't find any either. I haven't sought "watch *.* " yet (don' wanna press my luck)

A FEW teakers is/are still around but NOW they appear to be legitimate trailers - - - - in German but legitimate trailers none-the-less.

Looks like we owe Misser Jeff a round of applesause and thankful kudos.... at least a great big wet sloppy one 8-? (I'll let you have that honor as I live far FAR away.)

Truly though a BIG Thank You to Jeff and company.

Noah 8-?

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